Mitten with squirrel

This mitten was knitted in the old days in very thin yarn on needles 1,75 mm. Now we can make it with gauge 40 stitches in 10 cm ( 4 inches) with needles 2 mm for ladies size. For a man use 2,5 or 3 mm.


The original mitten had a special cuff. If you want to you can make the cuf as you want it in rib pattern with 1 knit and 1 purl or something else.


The cuff: Cast on 79 stitches with the main colour. Knit one row. The next row start to knit one stitch with the main colour. Take the yarn to the front of the knitting and purl the next stitch with the other colour. Repeat these two stitches until the cuff is 4 cm ( 1,6 inches). This is a kind of twined knitting and as you knit with 79 stitches it will automatically place the main colour on top of the pattern colour and the other way around. End with knitting 2 rows in the main colour.


Then you knit name on the front and year on the back of the mitten.


Now follow the chart (separate).


When it is time at the thumb, put 20 stitches on a thread and cast on 20 new stitches. Follow the chart.


Make one mitten for the left hand and one for the right.